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Building a custom home is a complex and detail driven process that can easily become a nightmare if not properly managed. Your project must be meticulously planned out and scheduled requiring the expertise of a well-experienced project manager. Vice President of Construction Joe Sarabi has built over 300 homes in California and Dallas. This experience provides him with the traits necessary to successfully manage the many moving parts of the construction process. Isaak and the superintendent will manage home site to ensure your home is built to specifications and on time.

While the architectural and engineering plans are being approved by the city we will begin the bid process to find the trades that will offer the best quality and value for your particular home. We work with only proven tradesmen for every aspect of the home. From the pouring of the foundation to the painting of your murals you can be certain that every facet of the home will be completed with superior quality.


After our management team has properly planned for the construction of your new home it is finally time to break ground. Through each phase of construction your home will be built with the greatest attention to detail. We make a company promise to all of our clients that each home will be built with quality from the ground up. Thanks to our proven construction methods such a promise is made possible:

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The duties carried out by our team include: issuing notification to the health and safety, preparing a tender stage health and safety plan, advising on competence and resource, ensuring that the contractor's health and safety plan is suitable and ensuring that the health and safety file is delivered to the client and we outline some of the procedures at River Bay Group.

  • Inspections conducted by highly qualified and trained River Bay Staff.
  • Personalized safety programs geared up to your operation.
  • Enlightening  audit of our company safety programs.
  • Affordable safety program and policy developed for all our subcontractors needs.
  • Custom training programs developed for all our subcontractors.

All staff, At River Bay Group are required to receive training in personal protection. By law, new personnel shall be trained prior to being assigned to procedures where potential for exposure exists, followed by annual training. Initial and recurring required training needs for employees will be monitored by our supervisors. They will also be responsible for scheduling supplemental training sessions when changes such as modification of tasks or procedures or institution of new tasks or procedures affect the employee's occupational exposure. The additional training may be limited to addressing the new exposures created. Training will be provided at no cost to our employees using videotapes and seminars.

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To be the Best Design & Build General Contracting Firm, Specializing in Pre-Engineered Building Systems that Exceed expectations through Dedication to Our Customer's Interests, paying attention to Detail, Good and Solid Teamwork.

About River Bay Group

River Bay Group is a full-service Construction, Remodeling & Real Estate Brokerage specializing in Residential & Commercial Property Management in California and Nevada. Founded by Adam, D Miller in 1990, River Bay Group has earned its success by providing exceptional property management and leasing services. Supported by a dedicated team of experienced property managers and assistants, River Bay Group is committed to maximizing our client’s real estate investments. Over the years our staff has grown to ensure the quality of personal service to homeowners and tenants. We work to promote positive client-tenant relations through clear communication, reliable information, and personal service.


River Bay Group takes the utmost pride in building the highest quality home possible for our customers. By handpicking our partners, keeping strict guidelines, constantly monitoring the quality, and maintaining a hands-on approach, Elite Luxury Homes is able to ensure quality from the ground up.

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